Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nurture Your Wanderlust: Wayfare Magazine

If given the choice, I think most of us would jaunt off for a week vacation to Hong Kong, Istanbul, or Buenos Aries as often as possible - but work, family obligations, kids, and budgets seem to sometimes interfere with indulging the travel bug.  As someone who loves to travel (but doesn't do it as often as I'd like), I couldn't have been more excited to learn about the launch of the new digital magazine Wayfare, which is dedicated to the art of journeying. And by "journeying," they are referring to trips halfway around the world and halfway around the block. Trips taken by plane and via your computer, television or bedside reading. 

Retro-fly round-up, courtesy of Wayfare Magazine.

Founded by Erica Dublin (of See Jane Fly) and Josephine Courant, the many contributors to Wayfare also happen to be great bloggers - bluepoolroaddesigntripperpret-a-voyager, and pictory to name a few.  From a beautiful pictorial tour of Hong Kong, to a virtual trip to Paris, to a story about the crazy traffic in Vietnam (one of the most dangerous things I've done was cross the street in Ho Chi Minh!), this magazine captures the essence of what travel is - a voyage of discovery. Below are a few of my favorite features from the first issue and here's to hoping there are many, many more to come! 

The Urnatur Nature Lodge. Photography by Ulrika Krynitz. Courtesy of Wayfare Magazine.

A round-up of eco-friendly and architecturally stunning wilderness hotels in Sweden will inspire you to start planning a trip to commune with nature. 

Photography by Peggy Wong. Courtesy of Wayfare Magazine.

Colorful photographs of Hong Kong will remind you how much beauty there is in the everyday, like this vibrant kelly green staircase. 

Photography by Kristy Carlson. Courtesy of Wayfare Magazine.

A feature on a Midwestern couple living in East Africa with their two young boys reminds us that an adventurous spirit can take you anywhere you want to go. 

Photography by Leela Cyd Ross. Courtesy of Wayfare Magazine.

The tale of a family who hunts for truffles in western Oregon inspired me to book a trip to take my daughter strawberry picking. It's not quite the same, but I loved the idea of harvesting food as a family!

Photography by Jennifer Squires Ross. Courtesy of Wayfare Magazine. 

A beautifully shot collection of photographs of coastal Ontario reminded me of one of my favorite artists, Andy Goldsworthy. The natural beauty ensconced in the places where ocean and rocks meet is breathtaking. 


Erin said...

Oh gosh, I'm in love. I always said if I ever won the lottery the first thing I would do is travel more. Well, actually, the first thing I would do is buy a small flat in Paris with Eiffel Tower views and chevron floors, but that's kind of the same thing :)

Love that picture of the little boy in Africa. So jealous of families that just go for it and pick up and move. What memories they're creating! And speaking of, your daughter is going to cherish that memory of strawberry picking! You could make that a tradition!

Anonymous said...

So excited for a new digital mag! Especially about travel. Teri

tina said...

I did feast over their firstbissue when it came out.

I love what you've chosen to review and how you did it, referencing to your own passions and generally picking up on the notion that anyone can live a creative and interesting life even if sitiing at home in your armchair.

In 2008 the incredible and unique 'The School of Life' opened its door in London. At that time I was working on a similar concept and when they launched I nearly died with envy. Their strapline is 'ideas to live by'. They offer good and intelligent ideas for everyday living and I've been a fan ever since.

Right at the start they offered courses and weekends on topics like: travelling without leaving your armchair or exploring the beauty of travel writing.

Another example is that they teamed up with Morgan Group of Hotels. in the St Martin's Lane in London there is a vending machine. amongst some cool products they have something called: Minibar for the Mind. Listen I coild go on and on but why not read for yourself...

My dream has always been to set up something like SOL.. One day I will:)

Have a great Easter and I love the idea of you guys going strawberry picking.

annie said...

Wow that photo of Lake Ontario is amazing. So still that water is. I haven't been travelling in so many years, life seemed to just get in the way somehow x

annie said...

Wow that photo of Lake Ontario is amazing. So still that water is. I haven't been travelling in so many years, life seemed to just get in the way somehow x

annie said...

Oops sorry for double comment!

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