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Lovely Lady: Lulu de Kwiatkowski

Lulu de Kwiatkowski

Although you may not know her by name, you have probably seen her incredibly vibrant and colorful fabrics featured in stunning homes around the world. Designing under the name of Lulu DK, Lulu de Kwiatkowski has become one of the most creative and respected textile and wallpaper designers working in the U.S. today.  I've been a fan of hers for years and was excited to learn that in a few weeks, she'll launch her latest collaboration - a line of sophisticated, but child-like fabrics designed for Schumacher. She'll also be unveiling her own Spring line very soon, which includes sweet bird and butterfly prints, along with fresh geometric designs.  Here's a little about this lovely and talented mother of 3. 

A sneak peak of Lulu DK for Schumacher. Check your mailbox for the next issue of Elle Decor which will feature the new collection. 

With a childhood spent in the Bahamas and Hamptons, Lulu de Kwiatkowski grew up in an "eclectic, color-drenched house decorated in a bold style" by her mother. After receiving a fine arts degree from the Parsons School of Design in New York City, she spent five years in Paris studying trompe l'oeil painting before starting out on a series of expeditions to places like Morocco, Peru and India. She launched Lulu DK Fabrics in 1998, when she decided to adapt motifs from her paintings into textile designs. The bright and bold hues in her collections are reminiscent of her mother's love of color and Lulu draws inspiration from her travels and her love of nature.  

Clockwise from top left: Color Wheel, Puzzle, River & Chant fabrics by Lulu DK, available at 

Lulu DK Isis Wallpaper. 

A sampling of Lulu DK fabrics for Spring 2012, available soon at 

She has also collaborated with Matouk on a line of linens (both bed and tabletop), Elson & Co. on a line of rugs, and has designed a collection of dinnerware.

Lulu DK for Elson & Co., Rita Pale Blue Rug. 

Lulu DK Hydrangea Dinnerware, $85-$102, 

Lulu DK for Matouk Cove Bedding, 

Lulu DK for Matouk Bamboo Lattice Napkins, $89 for a set of four, 

About a year and a half ago, her Los Angeles home was featured in Lonny Mag and her love of color, art and family was plain to see. She has mastered the "eclectic chic, sophisticated, but comfortable without trying to hard" look that I'm always striving for in my own home. (should I coin that phrase?) In a nutshell, her home is simply gorgeous - filled with family photos, Slim Aarons photography and pieces she designed.  Here are a few of my favorite stills from the Lonny feature.

Via Lonny Mag

Via Lonny Mag
Via Lonny Mag

Via Lonny Mag

Via Lonny Mag

Via Lonny Mag

Via Lonny Mag

And if you are an Art & Design book collector like me, her inspiring autobiographical monograph entitled "Lulu" is an absolute must for your bookshelf!  Filled with her handmade collages capturing her travels and her life, it is at once a design book, art book, and biography. 

Lulu by Lulu de Kwiatkowski, available at Amazon.

Image courtesy of Ammo Books

Image courtesy of Ammo Books.

Image courtesy of Ammo Books.

Having lived in various cities around the world, she currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and 3 sons.  You can follow her work and inspiration sources on her blog, Trail of Inspiration. Also, check out this great video One Kings Lane did on Lulu to see her talk about her mother's influence, her time in Paris and watch her paint in the studio. Here's to another great week. Can't believe it's already April! 


Anonymous said...

loving all the patterns and prints. her house in Lonny was one of my favorites. happy April! Teri

tina said...

OMG. Beautiful, talented, mother of 3, happily married AND successful. I hate her!!! No, really, how wonderfully open and vibrant she is in the video clip.

I love people like her. They create their lives. It helps having been brought up with a creative mother.

The first time I visited your blog was when you wrote about the Karl Lagerfeld/Net-a-porter collaboration. I love these posts when you tell a whole story from A-Z.

Thank you for that. Will look up her book.

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

I first heard of Lulu DK when we were living in New York...Actually right around the time that she launched her business. Her floral patterns are what initially caught my eye and are still my favorite.
I love the video you included. Always nice to get a glimpse of the artist's studio and life. I want to have a light switch moment in Paris. :)

Erin said...

Her house is beautiful but it's her gorgeous little blond kids that stole my heart. So adorable! Everything that's feature in Lonny always looks like perfection, and her house is no exception. I love her use of color and patterns, which is rare for me as I'm usually a stark-white minimalist. I'd never heard of Lulu before but I love her name. Thanks for the little peak!

California Chic said...

@Terri - mine too!

@tina - Isn't she so inspiring? I really loved the interview because her vivaciousness really shows through. So lovely!

@Theresa - I know! When we were in Paris in October I wrote non-stop in my journal about new goals, changes I wanted to make etc. Sometimes I feel like it takes getting away to really decide to change course.

@Erin - color done right is really so incredible - its one of the things I love about her the most. And I totally agree - her kids are too cute for words!

Schumacher said...

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