Friday, February 3, 2012

Nurture Yourself - Loafer Chic!

I still love wearing this pair of old Prada loafers I bought in Italy years ago. (before the Euro currency conversion:)  
It's February, still winter and still cold. Well, here in L.A. there isn't much of a winter, but year after year I like to pretend its cold for the sake of fashion.  I'm not quite ready to start shopping for sandals yet, but I'm getting tired of wearing boots day in and day out.  So to refresh my winter wardrobe, I've been on the hunt for a new pair of loafers - the perfect shoe to lift your spirits until the cold front has passed.

Lavin Tassel Loafer, $690,  Jimmy Choo Zebra Print Loafers, $495. 

As I started my search, I initially came across two perfect options by Jimmy Choo and Lanvin. Although sadly out of budget, they were a great starting point for inspiration.  I've continued my quest over the last month or so and here is what I've uncovered:

Jeffery Campbell Martini Loafer, $156.95, 

These studded loafers are reminiscent of the black Louboutin pair that was all the rage a few years ago, but the winter white color makes them less rock and roll and a little more lady-like.  Think of them as jewelry for your feet. 

River Island Chain Loafer, $39.39, 

Brights are everywhere this year and this yellow loafer will brighten your winter, take you through spring, and work until the end of summer. 

Faux-Snakeskin Loafer, $26.94, 
For those of you who aren't sure you want to jump on the loafer train, this is an easy way to start without spending too much. Simple, clean lines are always a safe bet. 

Sperry Top-Sider Montauk, $98, 

Several weeks ago I was walking with my best friend and she had on her new navy blue top-siders.  I had been a little unsure of this new trend until I actually saw them on her feet. They looked great - not too casual, but more comfy than a hard pair of flats.  I particularly love this version - the snakeskin pattern makes the shoe look and feel more luxe.

Leandra Black and White Loafer, $62.67,

Kelsi Dagger Frances Loafer, $89.00, 

Yes, there have been a lot of leopard loafers popping up in magazines and online lately, but I have yet to see anyone actually wearing them on the street! With my weekend uniform of jeans and a blazer, these are exactly what I need to get me out of the ballet flat rut I've been stuck in for years.

Steve Madden Croquet in Blue (other colors available), $69.95, 

Lacoste Concours 2, $145, 

These versatile loafers would look great with just about anything and are an affordable alternative to the original Tod's driving shoe every stylish gal dreams of owning.

Charles Philip Sophie Herringbone Loafer, $135,
I couldn't resist this shoe, in part because it reminded me of a favorite vintage YSL blazer I found at the Salvation Army for $10 when I was in high school and because herringbone is the perfect pattern for a driving shoe like this. The brown contrast of the tassels adds just the right amount of understated pop. 

Tetris Loafer by Chinese Laundry, $58.95, 
These remind me of the timeless Bottega Veneta bags I've eyed since I was in college. I really like the woven texture which adds a little umph to the basic black color. 

DV Dolce Vita Wink Smoking Flat, $79, 

Studs don't seem to go away, but are always being reinvented and reimagined in new ways. The light brown suede color is so versatile and the studs add a little edge and whimsy to them.


Tori said...

The martini loafers are pretty cool and those lacoste loafers look extremely comftorable!

California Chic said...

@Tori I've had my eye on the Martini loafers for a while...maybe a valentine's gift to myself :)

Anonymous said...

I also pretend it's cold for the sake of fashion (that's a great line btw!). I bought a bunch of loafer-esque flats from Jcrew this year. So comfortable and I hope to be able to wear them for a long time to come. Love your well-worn Prada flats. Keep those forever! T

Theresa / inspirationCOOPERATIVE said...

Love this round up, especially the Martini loafer and DV smoking flat. I always wanted to invest in a pair of Tod's driving shoes; So classic. We take off our shoes as soon as we enter the house, so I'm a big fan of slip on shoes.
PS~I agree with Teri, keep those Pradas forever.

tina said...

Love the Pradas. For me loafers have to be like your Pradas, Tods and now Lacoste ( they copied ). Real old style loafers.

I agree with the other girls. Keep those Pradas till thye disintegrate;)

California Chic said...

@Terri - I think J.Crew is probably the best at making beautifully designed affordable flats.

@Theresa - I've toyed with a no-shoe policy at our house..but not sure we can actually stick to it :)

@Tina - aren't the classic ones the best? It makes me think of so many photos from the 60's & gals like Jackie O with capris, loafers and silk scarves on their heads. Love!

Anonymous said...

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