Monday, February 6, 2012

Nurture Your Home - Understatedly Glamorous Pendant Lighting

Over the last several months I've mentioned various projects I've been working on at home, and I'd like to start sharing some of them with you.  Some are major overhauls, some are more minor/cosmetic.  Some I started but never finished, and I'm tackling others that have been on my to-do list for awhile. This is the year of the house for me and I'd like to share my sources, ideas and inspiration with you along the way.  First stop: Lighting for the master bathroom.

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful. 

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor. 

Kerri Russel's master bathroom. Photo courtesy of Elle Decor. 

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful. 

When we moved into our home two years ago, the previous owners left every drape, window covering and lighting fixture behind.  Perfect for us since we were first time home owners with no budget to change anything.  While tastefully done, nothing was what I had in mind for MY home.  One of the first things I'd like to accomplish this year is to find a new lighting fixture for our master bathroom tub.

Our master tub. 

Close-up of our current fixture.  

Decorating your home is such a personal venture dependent on your individual style and taste, and for me, this fixture doesn't work for several reasons. I think the scale of the light is too small and I've never been a fan of using fabric coverings on chains (don't they remind you of 80's hair scrunchies?).  I've been looking for something with understated glamour, maybe a little hint of Hollywood Regency, but it could be super simple as well. During my search I've also discovered that when it comes to your home, if you want it done right (and you don't have a decorator to do it for you), you've got to invest the time to compare everything in the marketplace and track down what you love (even if it means sitting in front of your computer screen for hours at a time).  Here are the best of the best results of my search. I'll save you my commentary on the pros and cons of each light, but would love to hear which ones you like?!

Morgan Suspension Pendant by Troy Lighting, $494,

Rivoli Pendant by Sonneman, $530,
Cherish Drum by Arteriors, $648, 

Arteriors Caviar Polished Nickel Clear Glass Pendant, $288, 

Lillian August Wire and Tin Pendant, $595, 

Lillian August Metal and Glass Lantern, $598, 

Worlds Away Star Chandelier, $210, 

Maher Pendant by John Rosselli, $630, 

Large Gale Hanging Pendant by Thomas O'Brien, $730, 

Capiz-shell Pendant Light, $549, 

Argyle Pendant, $999, 

Small Swept Arm Chandelier by Sandy Chapman, $1,260, 

Capiz Shell Pendant, $745, 
Faceted Glass Pendant Light, $350, 


Jaime Field said...

My fav is the lilian August wire and tin. It's modern and a little edgy but still has a romantic, old Hollywood feel. So jealous that you are in the midst of designing. It is an amazing gift to create your own perfect space.

Anonymous said...

lighting is so important and I love when people go the extra step to change out ugly light fixtures. Especially if you are renting. It helps make an ugly space something a little bit more chic.

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

So glad we get to live vicariously through you as you redesign your home. It's also great that we get to benefit from all your amazing research. My favorites are the capiz-shell pendant and star chandelier, for what it's worth ;). Hope you'll let us know which one you end up selecting.

California Chic said...

@Jaime - isn't that light so pretty? I'm trying to find a place for it! I'm excited to get some projects done this year so its really a reflection of us! Thanks for visiting the blog!!

@Terri - totally agree. I've got about 6 lights I want to change out in the next couple months and hoping it will make a big impact!

@Theresa - I will totally let you know when I decide. Of course I've found like 10 more options over the last 24 hours...:) Funny - the start was my favorite and my husband totally vetoed it and said it looked "cheap"??? We agreed to disagree on that one, but have several others we both like.

Anonymous said...

Hung this original wall art canvas on wall as you come down stairs. It makes me smile every morning.

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