Friday, April 6, 2012

The Art of Thank You

Thank You Note, $6 per card, 

The other day I came home early from work because I had promised my daughter we would paint together - one of her favorite things to do these days. During our painting session, I pulled out some blank note cards I had bought at Michael's a few months back and had her go to town with her watercolors. This was the result.

It got me thinking about the idea of the handmade note and reminded me of a gorgeous card my friend Theresa made for her husband awhile back. As a paper fiend, I have stacks and stacks of lovely, letter pressed Thank You cards (and some Mrs. John L. Strong notes that I dole out very begrudgingly, even though I should be using them every chance I get - isn't beautiful stationary meant to be used?).  But the more I started thinking about it, I've come to the realization that a handmade Thank You will always mean more than the most delicate of pre-made papers.  I'm planning on sending every single one of the notes my daughter made to our family and friends in the coming weeks and I know they will love receiving a tiny piece of her creativity in the mail.  So the next time you are in need of a birthday card or thank you note, why not try making it yourself?  You don't need much - just some pretty paper and paint, yarn, stamps, or embellishments.  And of course, your imagination. 

Thank You Card Kit, $9.50, 

Check out these sources for some DIY inspiration:

Not inspired to grab a needle, paint or stamp? Here are a few great options from Etsy. If you don't have the time to make cards yourself, buying the work of another artisan is the next best thing!

Tandem Bike Thank You, Set of 25, $50, by Spare Tire Design, 

Vintage Encyclopedia Stationary, Set of 10, $16.50, by Magpie and Max, 

Fresh Cut Grass Thank You Notes, Set of 10, $18, by Almost Sunday Inc., 

Merci Beaucoup Set of 6 flat notes, $14, by Missive, 

Sparrow Birds Thank You Notes, Set of 15 $22.50, by South City Press, 

XO set of 5 letterpress notecards, $10, by kikdesign, 

Vintage Birdcage Thank You Notes, Set of 6, $16, by Fine Day Press, 


Anonymous said...

I'm a stationary and note card hoarder myself. I also tend not to use the "good stuff" either which is so silly and dumb. I find myself making a little diy card now again since I started hoarding rubber stamps and printed washi tapes.
Have a great weekend! Teri

Hena Tayeb said...

Absolutely lovely.

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

Well, you know how much I love me some pretty stationery, and I'm also still in love with snail mail (in this digital communication age). It's just so much fun to receive pretty things in the mail.
PS~Thanks for the linky-link. :)

tina said...

Hey Jennifer on a break!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE stationery and can't think of anything nicer than making it myself. Next best thing, I collect it!

Great finds.

annie said...

Oh I love your daughter's paintings, they're so cool! Make them! Sell them on Etsy! I find shop cards are either uninspiring or extortionately expensive. Yours are so personal though x

CD said...

I love giving and receiving hand made stationery. I recently did a post here ( on some cards I had made for Mothers Day and Birthdays.

They seem so much more heart felt and personal than the run of the mill store bought cards.


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