Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break!

Photography by Scott Schuman. Image courtesy of The Sartorialist

Happy Easter/Passover weekend everyone! I wanted to let you all know that I'm taking a spring break this week to do a little personal spring cleaning and wrap up several unfinished projects. Some are for upcoming posts and the rest are my own, i.e., finishing the closet overhaul I started with help from The Closetnista, tidying up my gardens, planning a family trip, getting more house projects moving forward, and trying to start work on a few of the empty canvases collecting dust in my garage. I'll be back next week and I hope you will be too! Thank you for your readership and support and I'll see you soon. Cheers!

P.S. I can't get over how gorgeous this navy blue and pink combo is! I'd love to find that skirt and she's running past one of my favorite spots to sit and ponder in Paris! 


Tori said...

Have a great spring break! Would love to see what you paint on those canvases!

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

Have a wonderful spring break! (It actually sounds pretty tempting.) Hope you accomplish plenty and feel recharged after the break. See you when you return.
I agree, that navy blue and pink combo is so beautiful. Wish I was right where she is in the photo right now.

Anonymous said...

have a great week. hope you get lots accomplished! Teri

Erin said...

Have a great spring break, enjoy your time away! I can't wait to see your closet overhaul ;) I'm not going anywhere in your absence, I'll sit patiently and await your return! xo

tina said...

Oh, you're all dropping like flies... all taking cue from each other:)

You have a great break and get started on all your projects. Before I know it it's next week and you'll all be back!

Ta ra lovely Jennifer x

PS Love the photo, her skirt, her shoes, the setting!

ALI MODE said...

That outfit is SO good! Thanks for sharing!

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