Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nuture Your Home - The Incredible Gallery Of Saatchi Online

London Street by Richard Ryan, 8x10, $60, 
Back in 2000, when I attended my first art auctions in New York, art dealer Charles Saatchi was ever present, often scooping up the most sought after work by contemporary artists for tens of millions of dollars. As I sat there with friends who were actually bidding, I remember thinking: 1) how happy it would make me to have a home filled with arresting and inventive art I loved and 2) the chances of me ever being able to afford the pieces I saw auctioned were slim to none. Fast forward ten years later and I'm slowly building a collection I'm truly in love with, thanks in part to the many online resources that make great art to available to us all and not just the monied elite.

Drive by Hans-Gerhard Meyer, 14x14, $50, 

Charles Saatchi launched Saatchi Online in 2006 with an intention to give artists a platform to exhibit their work to an international audience. Today, it contains over 1 million pieces of original artwork from artists all over the world. With prices starting as low as $17, Saatchi Online makes it possible for any and every art lover to start their own collection of prints or buy original pieces. Whether you love Pop Art, Abstract Paintings or Photography, this site is an internet gem where you will find your next piece from tomorrow's art stars. Here is a small collection of some incredibly talented artists I'm considering adding to my walls. 

Untitled by Clara Hastrup, 8x10, $47, 

La Tour by Roberto Manetta, 14x21, $74,

Ballerina by Michael Foulkrod, 8x10 print, $20,

American Dream by Skip Hunt, 12x16, $105,

Bare Feet, Blue Dress by Thomas Saliot, 14x21, $59, 

Defragmented Circus by Irene de Buffieres, 11x14, $41,

Kaleidoscope #1, by Theodore Bogdanov, 12x16, $48, 

Pea by Jelena Kostic, 18x24, $59,

Dorothy's Fix by Skip Hunt, 14x21, $147, 

Footnote: Charles Saatchi was also one of Damien Hirst's original champions and hosted the first show of the YBA's (Young British Artists) in 1992 at his namesake gallery in London (which included works by Hirst). In case you missed it, you can read my January post about Hirst here.  For even more great prints, art books, jewelry and housewares, visit the Saatchi Gallery Store.  Also, the notoriously reclusive Saatchi wrote a thought provoking article for the U.K.'s Guardian in December about the state of the art market as seen through his eyes - you can read it here.  


tina said...

Yet another well researched post from you. Yes, Saatchi online is amazing. I don't collect art or prints but love browsing.

You chose some neat ones. Charles S is an amazing man with great vision. I did read his article in the Guardian and he is sooooo right.

The art world owes him a lot. A bit like Terence Conran who changed the way the british live in their homes.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that ballerina print. I'm seriously considering it! Thanks for the info! Teri

California Chic said...

@Tina - I also really liked that article in the Guardian and am really thankful for all Saatchi has done to expand access to great art. I LOVE the Conran Shop and am still holding out hope we might get one here in L.A. in the next couple years. I've never actually visited one though, only browsed online.

@Terri - I love that one too!

Tori said...

Beautiful art work and it's affordable!

California Chic said...

@Tori - I know! Sometimes I see pieces and its hard for me to believe how reasonably priced they are!

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

I agree with Tina, another very informative post. I have heard of Saatchi Online, but didn't realize that the artwork was so affordable. I can't believe the ballerina print is $20!

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