Monday, February 27, 2012

Nurture Yourself - Best of 2012 Oscar Fashion

Although my days of going to Oscar parties are long gone, I never get tired of watching the pre-show to see the inspiring and creative fashion that walks down the red carpet year after year. This year simplicity seemed to be the mantra and that theme scored big points in my book. Here are my favorites from last night's show.  Who did you think was the best dressed? 

Gwyneth was one of the truly spectacular ladies on the red carpet last night. Its been awhile since she's had an epic fashion moment, but with Tom Ford on her team, her star shown brightly. This simply chic white gown fit her like a glove (in the best possible way) and the cape added an extra dose of glamour to an already amazing look.

I love a great red dress and you all know about my fondness for tie-necks, so Emma Stone's Giambattista Valli gown was a big winner for me. Her look was so polished and classic, just the way I like my actress to be on the red carpet.

I'm usually not on board with major sequin looks, but this Vivienne Westwood sequined gown was stunning on Rose Byrne. The asymmetrical neckline and perfect pin-tucking on the hip gave it some added interest and style.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton was perfection personified. The beautiful coral chiffon was elegantly draped and the peplum waistline was made for this lovely chanteuse. Michelle always looks elegant and classy (and NEVER shows too much skin...I won't mention names...okay - Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis come to mind).

I will admit that knowing this is Givenchy Haute Couture makes me likely to swoon before I've even seen the dress, but this dress was made for Rooney Mara. Audrey Hepburn also wore Givenchy to the Oscars several times in her career and every season this fashion house presents dresses that are screaming to be worn on the red carpet.  Elegant, sophisticated and so French - all ingredients for a perfect dress. Her dark hair and red lip finished this look perfectly.

I'm a girl who loves color so I might say that I'd like Kristen Wiig's dress even more in say a navy blue or maybe a light pink. But as it stands, it was still one of the stunners last night.  J.Mendel is a red-carpet master and the the corseted bodice flowing into the impeccably tiered skirt showcases the artistry that went into creating this dress.

A true fashion chameleon, Milla Jovovich hit the jackpot with this sparkling beauty from Elie Saab. The white color allows the gown to shine without being over the top or garish - this is Hollywood glamour at its best.

We all know that Nina Garcia knows her stuff when it comes to personal style and her black Jean Paul Gaultier couture gown was an elegant choice for her hosting duties on the red carpet. With a perfectly tailored neckline and masterfully pleated chiffon, this look is elegant and so chic.

While I rarely have occasion to wear black tie anything anymore, these lovely looks still inspired me to search for things that embody what makes many of them beautiful - perfectly draped chiffon (my all-time favorite fabric), black redux in an interesting way, and the simplicity of white.  Here's a few pieces I might scoop up, inspired by some of this year's Oscar looks.

Crinkle Chiffon Skirt, $118, 
White Chiffon Top, $35.90,


Celeste said...

Bored to tears from this year's fashions. Loved that Gwynnie stepped it up with the modern cape dress, Emma's dress is an "ABS" version of the O.G (original Ginger) Nicole Kidman. Rose should've changed it up a lil' from the last award show and brought in something other than the "scarface" look, again. Michelle's dress is boring, she "peaked" with that gorgeous mustard Vera years ago. Wiig's pretty and boring. Milla= amazing, can do no wrong, 1920s Gatsby chic. Rooney's dress is Gorgeous...even as a modern wedding dress!

Erin said...

Rooney took my breath away, which she does normally but last night was even more special. She can do no wrong. I thought Ellie Kemper looked amazing in that rust colored sequined dress, but I otherwise agree with your list. And that micro-pleat dress from ASOS is divine. Holy cow.

Anonymous said...

I loved Emma Stone's dress.I love a big bow!
I also thought Tina Fey looked the best she ever has and I think she's great anyway! Teri

Anonymous said...

I loved Emma Stone's dress.I love a big bow!
I also thought Tina Fey looked the best she ever has and I think she's great anyway! Teri

madisoncary said...

hi there! i noticed you are participating in frock stock's march of the bloggers as well! thought i'd come visit your site! i just love your blog! i look forward to seeing what you share!

p.s. i loved rooney mara's look!!


California Chic said...

@Celeste - wow, dropping the ABS references:) Is that store still around? I did't see Rose's last dress, but will agree she has a serious pout. I did love the Vera mustard dress M.W. wore to the 2006 Oscars, but I still really liked this Louis too. If I could go back in time, I think I may have seriously considered Rooeny's dress for my wedding. Love it.

@Erin - Rooney would look good in a paper bag - she's just one of those interesting beauties, but she took my breath away too. I just discovered ASOS last year and I'm always finding great stuff!

@Terri - Tina Fey did look really great - very sophisticated look for her and it really suited her well!

@Madison - Thanks for stopping in! Looking forward to the Frock Stock month of bloggers!

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