Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Finds - Butler Tray Table

While browsing at the Jonathan Adler store a few weeks ago, I spied this gorgeous butler tray table and immediately added it to my wish list for a nook in my dining room. Priced at $595, it has a removable tray and comes in polished nickel or gold.  

Meurice Butler Tray Table, 
A few days later when I finally got around to thumbing through the new West Elm catalogue, I came across their version of a butler tray table for $149 (stand) and $59 (white lacquer tray).

Tall Butler Tray Stand, 
While the W.E. version doesn't have some of the detailing that makes the Adler tray unique, a piece like this probably has questionable longevity in our house. And the more I look at them, I think the clean lines of the West Elm stand gel more with the rest of the pieces in my dining room...but that could just be the price-tag talkin. 


Erin said...

Oh, I rather prefer the West Elm version. But that's probably because I'm a WE junkie. I like the clean, smooth lines on the legs. The ones on the JA table remind me of like, bad bamboo furniture from a great-grandmother's Miami apartment. That sounds scathing and specific. Sorry! haha.

California Chic said...

@Erin - the bamboo is definitely a throwback. I've got mixed reviews for West Elm - I have a rug I love, but I've had a few other things that were of questionable quality. I'm thinking I'm going to give this piece a try though.

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