Friday, January 6, 2012

Nurture Your Home - Stunning Prints From Etsy

Print by LoveSugar, 8x10 is $30. 

I'll admit it. If I didn't reign myself in, every inch of every wall in my house would be covered in art - prints, drawings, painting and photographs. I'm an avid art collector without the Sotheby's budget, so when I discovered all of the wonderful and AFFORDABLE art on Etsy, I was in heaven.  Come to think of it, I probably could write a blog exclusively about the awesomeness that is constantly happening on Etsy.  For now, I will stick to sharing some talented print makers who sell their gorgeous works at incredibly reasonable prices. With prints like these, there is no excuse for your walls to stay bare in 2012!

Monorail Studio is run by Daniella Valerio and Sandrine Molnar, two friends and studio art majors from the University of Texas at Austin.  They are inspired by classic iconography, pop culture, and clean modern design as well as the sea, which is evident in many of their prints.  All prints come in various sizes and colors and range from $12 - $20. With plans for the future to expand the line to include accessories, housewares and apparel, I'm excited to see what the new year will bring for this creative duo.

Antler Silhouette Screenprint

Satchel and Sage is driven by Gerren and Morgana Lamson, a husband and wife team living in Austin, TX. With these two illustrators collaborating, its not surprising that the result is unique and creative prints that are eye-catching and multi-dimensional.  "The Artifact Series," drawn in the style of vintage specimen illustrations, are reminiscent of Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Curiosities and are delicately beautiful.

Artifact Series: The Naturalist 5x7 Print, $15. 

Artifact Series: The Beachcomber 5x7 Print and The Tailor 5x7 Print, both $15.  

This simple feather illustration with its bright colors would be a perfect addition to the art and photography collage we have on our staircase.

One Feather 5x7 Print, $15. 

Love Sugar Designs is run by Nicole and Jimmy Chung who live in Miami, Florida.  They have a Miami based design studio which specializes in logo design, branding, print and illustrative services.  With a cheeky sophistication, these prints are sweet enough for a children's room, but chic enough for yours.

Bonjour 8x10 Print, $30. 

Toi Et Moi (You and Me) 8x10 Print, $30. 
Let's Fall In Love 8x10 Print, $30.
I'm Yours 8x10 Print, $30. 
Grace Hester is originally from Singapore, but is now living in the U.S.. Most of her designs are silhouette or typography-based and she gravitates towards simple and fuss-free aesthetics. She creates her prints for busy moms and modern families and her use of bold, bright colors is what I really caught my eye.  Her "Colors" series would be at home in a children's playroom or a stylist's office and the typography is spot-on.  I also love that so many of her prints are are available in multiple languages.

Colors In French (also available in English, Spanish, German & Italian) 20x30, $40. 

Chinese Nursery Rhyme Print (available in various colors), 8x10, $15; Modern Numbers Print (available in Japanese, English, Italian, French and Chinese), 8x10, $20.  

This Little Piggy Modern Print (available in various colors), 11x14, $23. 

EeeBee and Jack is a shop named after Brooke's two children.  A photographer and print maker living in Wisconsin, she can also do custom designs for phrases that might be dear to you. It was her "This Is Our Happily Ever After After" print that caught my eye, with its vintage typewriter font that comes in 18 different colors.

This Is Our Happily Ever After, 8x10, $12.

You Are My Song, 8x10, $12. 


Morgana Lamson said...

Lovely selections! Thanks for including our prints :)

Bethany Flower said...

I love your selections from EeeBee and Jack!

California Chic said...

@Morgana - of course. They are so lovely!

@Bethany - so glad you found something that caught your eye :)

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

I love the antler print by Monorail Studio. I agree, Etsy is an amazing resource for affordable...Well, anything. Though, sometimes the site can be so overwhelming amazing it's hard to hone in, so thanks for this wonderful pare down. Great picks.

California Chic said...

@Theresa - it is definitely overwhelming, but once I found some stores I loved, I started following their circles and that has lead me to discover awesome shops without spending hours sifting through crazy amounts of search results.

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