Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Perfect Striped Tee - Chance

Limited edition Elliott stripe simple tee, $98, 

I think one thing we can agree on is that as girls, we are always on the hunt for the perfect t-shirt. The one you can throw on with just about anything and feel casual and put-together at the same time. At this point, I feel like I've been down this road many, many times. I started with the basic striped version from the Gap, graduated to American Apparel, then J. Crew, and in a weak moment at Barneys, was convinced that $150+ was totally justifiable for the "perfect" t-shirt (for the record, it is sooo not). Well, I've got my feet firmly planted again and with summer on its way, I'm looking for a go-to piece that will work with whatever my weekend plans may be. Enter Chance.

Cali boatneck, $68, 

When I saw a mention of their shirts in the NYTimes, I went to Chance's website and immediately fell in love with the sweet video on their home page. And when I learned one of their t's was made in collaboration with artist Elliott Puckette, I was sold. Founded by Julia Leach, a former EVP and Creative Director at Kate Spade, Chance's aesthetic is the perfect blend of both classic and contemporary. Tanks, dresses, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved options abound in the Chance collection, all perfectly cut in an abundance of color ways and 100% pima cotton. Now choosing just one....that will be the challenge. Do you have a favorite t-shirts brand that you keep going back to again and again? 

Clockwise from top left: Boatneck tee, $68; Classic T-shirt, $62; Sailor Tee, $78; Scoop Neck Dress, $120, all available at 


Anonymous said...

I do love the perfect T. But the perfect one has changed for me over the years. Love stripes, but not so fitted. Boatnecks are my fave right now. I have had Chance on my list of sites to check out. I'm afraid to get started down that path though. Teri

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

Love Chance Co. I haven't yet tried on or purchased anything from the company, yet. However, all the pieces look great, and I love their branding.
For now, my go-to is J.Crew. I have tried Gap, H&M, and Zara, but I found that the cotton didn't hold up well. It seems my J.Crew tees can take a beating and many washings.
Oh, I recently ventured over to Madewell and purchased my first tee from them. I'll let you know if it becomes my second go-to favorite.

tina said...

Please don't tell me you did actually spend $150 on a TEE???

I buy them from various retailers, often I like Pineapple Dance Studio stuff... you're right. it's not eady to find great ones.

Erin said...

You had me at stripes. I am a humongous sucker for anything with stripes on it. In fact I have an entire section of my shirt drawer that is just striped tops. It's a sickness, actually. One I kno Theresa at InspirationCoop suffers from too! I haven't heard of Chance Co. before, but I'm pretty sure I need that boatneck Navy shirt asap.

annie said...

I've never heard of them either but i live in the UK so perhaps that's not surprising! I read in Amanda Brooks' book (whoever she is) that J.Crew vintage wash tshirts are the best in the world. J.Crew is a pain in the butt to get hold of over here so I think I shall wait until they open a shop and then join you lot in turning the world stripey, one tshirt at a time xx

SuchSmallSteps said...

I've wondered about that Chance striped dress before but it's so hard w/o trying stuff on! I like J Crew- they hold up well. Gap tees always get little holes in them in the wash. Last night I ventured into Madewell but I walked out with dresses, not t-shirts :)

leah of sang the bird said...

A great round up of stripes. I LOVE stripes. I haven't shoped at any of these companies, in Australia I love Emmerson for BigW well priced basics, and David Jones for quality xx

rooth said...

I've heard of Chance - those price tags are bit too ouch though! Simple and steady does it for me though

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