Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nurture Yourself - Springtime Flats

I had a little party in my head (and in my closet) yesterday to celebrate spring's arrival and wore a pastel pair of slacks to work in recognition of one of my favorite days of the year.  Even though the weather is still a bit chilly and rainy here in Los Angeles, just knowing that winter is finally over put a spring in my step this morning. As I look forward to long days filled with sunshine, spring blooms, and more time spent outside, I've also been on the hunt for a sweet pair of flats to transition me into my summer sandals.  Here are 5 pairs that caught my eye. 

I'll confess that I've already ordered these so I'm hoping they are as cute in person as they look online. Most of my flats are all varying shades/styles of black so these will give me more options and look so pretty with spring/summer dresses and light colored pants. Colden Flats, $69, 

These flats are like a piece of jewelry for your feet - paired with dark denim or black, they will really pop and make you smile every time you slip them on. Ladybug Toe Cap Neon Ballet Shoes, $44.76, 

Kelly Green is one of my favorite colors and the suede on these skimmers really adds to the richness of the color. Guarantee you will wear these every chance you get. Suede Sidewalk Skimmer, $88, 

Yellow is everywhere for spring and if you are looking to add something sweet and bright to your wardrobe, these are the perfect fit. The cut outs tone done the color just enough and the cap-toe stitching gives them an extra design detail. Calvin Klein Emilla Patent Flats, $89, 

It's my firm belief that every lady should have at least one pair of leopard print shoes.  Pairing this fabric with a flat (or a loafer), just as Mr. Louboutin has done to perfection this season, almost guarantees a tres chic aura when you walk out the door.  This is one of the best affordable versions I've seen and I really like the shape of the toe. Vegasss Tailored Flat, $79.95, 


Anonymous said...

Oooh I really love those leopard print ones. I've noticed that flats are coming in more pointed toes. They look more elegant I think. Well done you for breaking out the pastels, I've not been brave enough yet and mine are still sat in their bag! x

Anonymous said...

Oooh I really love those leopard print ones. I've noticed that flats are coming in more pointed toes. They look more elegant I think. Well done you for breaking out the pastels, I've not been brave enough yet and mine are still sat in their bag! x

Anonymous said...

Doh sorry for double comment!

Anonymous said...

i didn't wear ballet flats for the longest time because I thought they were so uncomfortable. I think you have to get used to wearing them. Now I love them and have some I wear often which are my go to run out the door shoes! Teri (really like the pair you purchased)

Erin @ like/want/need said...

I practically live in ballet flats when the weather is nice out. If any offices permitted flip flops I'd wear those, but these are a work-appropriate alternative. And i love how reasonably priced all the ones you picked are! I generally get the same pair of BDG black skimmers from Urban Outfitters, but I might have to reconsider this year! Thanks for the round up.

California Chic said...

@annie - I love anything with a pointy toe and refuse to believe they are ever out of style. Agree that the point = elegance!

@Teri - You know, I have a couple pairs that are super uncomfortable (both Delman) that I keep wearing. They fit great at the store and then got them home and didn't quite work. The only pair I have that is really comfy is a Michael Kors pair. Flats are so hit and miss, just like heels!

@Erin - I'm going to check out the BDG ones, especially if they are comfy! You've inspired me to enjoy the hunt more and be patient - I'm discovering every day that there ARE affordable pieces, it jus takes time to find them:)

tina said...

I think I've never worn flatties/ballerinas . I have it on good authotity that they are really comfy but somehow always need some firmer grip to the floor.

Ok, before I get shot down here. I love Birkenstocks for their comfort level. Sometimes it's difficult to walk fast in them coz no back but still comfy. I know, less sexy!!

I liked the green ones a lot. Maybe should give it a go?

California Chic said...

@tina- do it! I know Birkenstocks are comfy, but maybe sweet flats for the days when you take a cab or drive to and from a restaurant and don't have to walk a long ways?!

Anonymous said...

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