Monday, February 13, 2012

Nurture Yourself - Red Jewels To Spoil Yourself On Valentine's Day

Paloma Picasso Carnelian Dot Charm in 18K gold, $300, 

When I was in college, I started a tradition of buying myself something small for Valentine's Day whenever it came around and I was on my own. It was my mini-coping mechanism when I was lonely and honestly, it always made me happy. I also remember thinking that I didn't NEED a man to buy me something - I could do it myself! I continued gifting myself little trinkets here and there throughout my 20's (whenever applicable) until I met my sweet husband and lifetime Valentine (who also happens to be a GREAT gift-giver). This past weekend, I was out shopping in Laguna Beach and saw pretty pair of red earrings. As I was stooped down, peering through the glass case and thinking about whether I should ask to see them, a little voice inside my head said, "Buy them! It will be a little V-day gift to yourself." Now, that little voice seems to pop into my head way too often, but I followed instructions and bought them.  So why don't you join me this Valentine's Day, by celebrating yourself and all you do for those you love with one of these sweet red gems.

This necklace is simple and unique - the kind of piece that everyone will ask, "Where did you get that!" Vintage Brass and Coral Curve Necklace from SparkleFarm, $25, 

This YSL cuff looks like it is a one-of-a-kind piece with the hammered accents and the uneven red paint. A classic that will never go out of style. Ycons enameled gold-plated cuff by Yves Saint Laurent, $395, 

Simple with a bit of playfulness, these small stud earring are perfect to wear to the office with a black dress or suit. Just the right amount of color for my business wardrobe. Kate Spade "Spade to Spade" mini stud earrings, $48, 

A great casual necklace to remind you of the most important thing in life. Thread-wrapped Love necklace, $48, 

These earrings are glamorous, chic and come in 10 different colors! Kendra Scott "Danielle" Oval Earrings, $58,

Never seen anything like this rolled necklace, but the proportions and design are spot-on and it's unlike anything you will find at your local mall. Fibre Art Necklace by Love And Dream, $28, 

Cocktail rings are a favorite of mine and I love searching for them at flea markets and estate jewelry shops.  This reminds me of several I've seen recently, but done in a more polished way.  It's also an easy way to up the style quotient of your weekend uniform. Trina Turk Modern Button Ring, $85, 

Gold and red make a lovely pair and these red glass earrings could pass for some I've seen at 10 times the price. Red Vintage Channel Drop Earrings by HandMadeBling, $23, 


Anonymous said...

what a sweet idea to gift yourself something on Vday. I love that! I'm lucky to have a husband who is a good gift giver as well. I never understand couples who say, "oh we don't gift each other on vday or bdays,etc." I think it's a must to continue and do something sweet on special days and gifts go a long way! Teri

tina said...

Ladies. I love giving and receiving gifts but not necessarily on Vday. However, I think it's great if it makes you happy, whether alone or married.

The best thing in life is to learn to love ourselves so we can love others.

So here is to love, all year round!

Happy Vday:)

Kendra Scott said...

I love the idea of getting yourself a present! It's the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Thanks for the love!


Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

I absolutely love this idea of gifting yourself a little something on V-day, or when the mood strikes. It's a great way to nurture yourself, which we sometimes don't do enough. Thanks for the reminder, J.
I love all your picks, especially that sweet Love necklace. And, I love adding a little pop of red to an outfit.
PS~Hope your getaway was nice and relaxing. Love Laguna Beach.

California Chic said...

@Teri - totally agree. We'd both like to do it "just because", but somehow time goes by and I'm glad we have holidays & birthdays to remind us to celebrate each other.

California Chic said...

@tina - What a great sentiment! Love is all you need right?!

@Kendra - Thanks for stopping by!

@Theresa - We had a great time and its always nice to have a few days to reconnect with each other. I'd love to see the Love necklace up close..maybe a DIY project? And I'm totally all about Red right now too - wearing my bright red pants every weekend lately.

Anonymous said...

That's such a lovely idea! i bet you can remember where you bought each one and why and when too x

Anonymous said...

That's such a lovely idea! i bet you can remember where you bought each one and why and when too x

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry for double comment!


California Chic said...

@annie - absolutely! There are a few things I've bought to celebrate a new job, a big win at work, or the birth of my daughter that I always remember and smile at.

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