Friday, February 10, 2012

Nurture Yourself - Enjoy The Glow

Design Consultant Laura Garcia and her daughter Georgiana. Photography by Kelly Stuart. 
A few nights ago I got an email from my sister that said "Something you are going to love." with a link to The Glow. How I didn't know about this inspiring site with stunning photography until now, I'm not sure.  Maybe it's because I'm a working mother whose time for finding new indie bands, discovering cool fashion bloggers and getting laundry done has been cut down to a few hours a week.  Better late than never! Whether you are a mom or a single gal, I guarantee you will love taking a glimpse into the homes and lives of these entrepreneurial working moms.

Photographer Zoe Buckman and daughter Cleo. Photography by Kelly Stuart. 

Bedroom of Cynthia Rowley's daughter's Kit and Gigi. Photography by Kelly Stuart. 

Designer and found of Made Her Think Meredith Kahn and her daughter  Grayson. Photography by Kelly Stuart. 
The Glow was founded in January of 2011 by Violet Gaynor and Kelly Stuart who came up with the genius idea to talk to and photograph their stylish/creative friends and friends of friends who all happened to be mothers. In addition to beautiful photographs of the women, their children and their homes, the profiles also include a brief interview of each mom who talk about everything from parenting, to the challenges of motherhood and their favorite maternity style.

Designer Rebecca Minkoff and her son Luca.  Photography by Kelly Stuart.  

These stylish moms really struck a chord with me because after I had my daughter, I struggled with a big identity crisis - I wasn't the girl who wore red-soled shoes to a casual weekend lunch anymore, but I wasn't ready to commit to a uniform of yoga pants and baggy sweatshirts either.  My shape had changed, ruling out a few pairs of super-skinny jeans and I could no longer zip up my favorite skirt suit.  Sometimes I felt like a mother, and other times I still felt like, well, me before baby.  It took some time, but I finally realized that I didn't have to give up who I was (and what I loved to wear) just because I had a little baby strapped to my chest and I went back to being me (with a sweet little peanut that called me mama).

The Terminal Presents founder Jenne Lombardo and her daughter Roxy. Photography by Kelly Stuart. 
As I clicked through the photographs of ladies like designers Rebecca Minkoff and Lauren Moffatt, I noticed a consistent theme among all the moms - they were stylish, creative AND did it while being a mother. But if you take a close look at these lovely ladies with their children, you'll notice one unifying and beautifully radiant element - they ALL have the glow of motherhood.

Lauren Moffatt with her daughter Stella. Photography by Kelly Stuart. 

Photo nook of Christina Hutson. Photography by Kelly Stuart.

After looking at some of these women in their childrens' rooms, I thought I would share a few pictures of a room where my daughter and I spend a lot of time playing together - her nursery. What is your favorite part of your child's room?

Mobile is from Giggle, crib from Land of Nod, mirror is Mirror Image, and bedding is custom. Walls are Bunny Gray from Benjamin Moore.  

Wall Art is from Blik and toy chest is from Land of Nod.

A collage with photos of her parents, grandparents and two great-grandmas when they were babies. 


Anonymous said...

the nursery is adorable. i have heard of the glow, but since i'm not a mommy, i haven't kept up on it. it's a great idea isn't it? i only wish i could decorate a nursery, but sadly nobodys hired me for that! ; )

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

I love The Glow. Whenever I pop over for a visit, I leave feeling very inspired. We can be stylish and a mommy as demonstrated by all the amazing, creative women on the site.
I love that you shared photos of E's room. You did a fantastic job decorating and it seems like a calm place to spend time. The gallery wall with the different generations of babies in your family is a really beautiful idea.
Favorite part of our kids' rooms - the floor where we read, tickle, and just act goofy.

Celeste said...

I wish i had a sister to show me cool stuff;(

tina said...

I'm not a mum but can appreciate 'the glow'.

I really like the pics of your daughters room and all the photographs of your family. Children's rooms are so calming and sould enriching!

California Chic said...

@Terri - we have to get you in touch with all the MB moms - I know they could use your great eye for decorating.

@Theresa - I'll definitely be a frequent visitor now that I know about The Glow. You would be an awesome and stylish subject for them!

@Celeste - You do a great job of sharing cool stuff with everyone who knows you. Besides, think of all the fights over who borrowed whose dress you avoided :)

@ Tina - I think that is one of things that I liked so much about The Glow - the photography is so beautiful and the subjects so interesting, the motherhood aspect is just a part of it (I really enjoyed seeing the photos of their homes! ).

WhatWouldGwynethDo said...

Don't feel bad, I only discovered it six months ago or something and instantly became enamored. One of my very favorite destinations online...

California Chic said...

@WWGD - I'm loving it too!

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