Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gift Guide 2012

Happy Holidays everyone!! Wow, it's been awhile. Work, family and the rushing current of life this fall has kept me busy. I can't tell you how much I've missed blogging and chatting with all of you, but I'm hopeful the new year will bring with it a few more hours in the day and that I'll be back here more often. I couldn't let 2012 come to a close without sharing a few of my favorite holiday gifts - husbands, wives, friends, parents and kids - here are 10 ideas for everyone on your list, all less than $100.

Ikat Tea For One Set, $38,

In an effort to spruce up my office, I found this gorgeous tea pot/coffee cup set over at C.Wonder and had to have it. When I'm working late, it's the little comforts that keep me going. This ikat pattern will add a pop of color and design to any room or office. Add a tin of sweet herbal tea or gourmet coffee and she'll think of you every time she brews a cup.

One Year Subscription to Lucky Peach (4 issues), $28,

For the foodie in your life - Lucky Peach is a quarterly journal celebrating food and is published by McSweeny's.  Full of essays, art, photography and of course recipes, its the perfect gift for anyone who loves food or the chefs who create it (past issues include interviews with Mario Batali & Anthony Bourdain).

Cashmere Hat, $58,

Simple luxuries are often my favorite gift - things you've always wanted, but would never buy for yourself.  Specimen #1 - a cashmere beanie.  Luckily, j.crew just put them on sale. 

Sunset Throw, $48,

When I walked into West Elm last week, these beautifully dyed ombre blankets immediately caught my eye. A closer inspection reveled they were as soft and cozy as they looked, so I scooped up a couple as gifts and may have thrown in one for myself. 

Colossal Golden Wishbone (13 x 6.5 inches), $58, 

In this crazy world, what girl doesn't need a little luck now and then? This wishbone object from Anthropologie is a great gift for the design-obsessed on your list and hits the perfect notes of glamour and humor.

Eames House of Cards, $25,

In the midst of their day jobs creating some of the most beautiful and iconic furniture of the 20th century, Charles and Ray Eames designed this set of building cards in 1950 for kids and adults alike. Printed with photographs and design objects from the animal, mineral or vegetable kingdoms (all things they considered to be "good stuff") the interlocking cards can create anything from a princess castle to a 6 car garage. 

Set of 4 ombre gold tipped wooden spoons, $15, omeandomy on

Cooking is much more fun when you have the right tools and with spoons like these, even a recipe gone awry won't get you down.

Kate Spade New York Idiom Pendant Necklace, $58, 

  Sometimes less is more and despite my love of big and bright jewelry, these simple color-blocked reversible necklaces caught my eye. Each has a phrase engraved on the reverse that corresponds to the color. "Paint the town red," "Think Pink," "Hello Sunshine," and "Skirt the Rules" are some of the cheeky mantras that will make any gal smile.  

Rope bottle opener, $28,

Men are inevitiably hard to shop for, but bar accoutrements are usually met with appreciation and excitment. Let them ditch their old metal bottle opener for this nautical inspired version. 

Big Thank You Set of 6 cards, $16 and To Do List, $13,

What to get the girl who has everything? Paper, paper, paper! Sugar Paper has long been a favorite of mine and this year I'll be gifting my girlfriends sets of these chic Thank You Notes and To Do Lists.

Dispatch Card Case, $38,

Bulky wallets are so 2012, so why not encourage a New Year's purge with this gorgeous calf hair (faux of course) card case. 

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Erin said...

Welcome back! I can't tell you how happy it made me to see a new post from you! I hope you're doing well and juggling everything. Hopefully you'll be back to us soon! ;) I love all the things you chose, especially those dip-dyed wooden spoons (though they're almsot too pretty to use) and of course those West Elm blankets. I'm a sucker for their throws.
"So 2012" made me crack up. Missed you! xo

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