Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nurture Your Home - Heath Ceramics

Over the weekend I stopped by Heath Ceramics, where a particularly fashion-forward friend had registered for her upcoming wedding.  As I walked through the double-doors on Beverly Blvd. I found myself in a store brimming with simplistic beauty and craftsmanship. Founded in 1948 in Sausalito, California by Edith Heath, Heath Ceramics is considered to be "one of the most enduring examples of mid-century design" and several of Edith's original pieces have found their way into the permanent collections of MOMA and LACMA. 60 years later, each piece is still handmade by the over 50 craftspeople at their original Sausalito factory. From the gorgeous dishware to their line of Neutra inspired house numbers, how had I not discovered this remarkable company before this weekend? Well, better late than never.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces currently available both in the store and online.

Marie Basic 3 piece set - Coupe Line, $81.84, 

Large Minima Bottle by Holmegaard, $62, 

Desk Set, $185, 

Single Stem Vase, $78.50, 

Neutra House Numbers, $38 each,

Weck Glass Lunch Set, $12, 

Small Teapot, $75, 

12x12 Platter, $45, 


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I've never heard of this place on Beverly blvd. I'm going to add to my long list of places I need to get to. Teri

Erin said...

Oooh, what a decadent place to register! I love that idea. Considering I love Neutra house numbers but wouldn't pay for them myself, this seems like a great way to get them! Though I'm really into the idea of a honeymoon registry, where people "buy" you little parts of your honeymoon (something like, "dinner for two at a seaside restaurant"), without it being as basic as just giving cash.

tina said...

Nice find. I like their name... Health Ceramics. Wonder why they called it that! Sure there's a story attached:)

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

I love Heath Ceramics! (Ever since an old college boyfriend's mom had Heath in her cupboard.) I don't know why I didn't register for Heath...Oh, maybe because they didn't have a registry at the time? Anyway, I would gladly replace all my dishes with Heath right now. In reality, I'll have to do it bit by bit. Maybe if I tell people I'm starting a Heath collection, I'll get pieces as gifts. ;) Did you get yourself something?

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