Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chic Covers For Your IPad

Geometric leather IPad case by Tovi Corrie, $95, 

It took months of not-so-subtle hints to my husband of how it would totally change our lives, would be a great learning tool for my daughter, would help with my blogging and social networking, and could house my countless magazines so they don't over run our house. Did I mention it could do the laundry and take out my trash? As of Mother's Day, I finally joined the ranks of the more than 60 million people who own IPads. It was just what I needed - another web-browsing device, because my Mac desktop, HP laptop and IPhone were simply not cutting it. That said, I'm determined to figure out how to make my IPad do all the clever things I've seen in the Apple commercials that made me want one in the first place (more on that later). But that will take some time, so for now, I'm focused on a more immediate task - finding the perfect case. Here are some of my favorite affordable options. I'd love to hear about yours. Hope you are having a great week! 

Lanvin Printed IPad case, $135, 

Diagonal Stripe IPad sleeve by Kate Spade, $50, 

Python Embossed Leather IPad case by Graphic Image, $135, 

Vintage Camera Print IPad case by Classic By Nature, $50, 

Black Patent Leather Turnlock IPad case by Marc Jacobs, $158, 

Leather IPad sleeve by McManus, $121,

Gray Herringbone IPad case by Mari Forssell, $75, 


tina said...

Woo-hoo. Welcome to the iPad clan. As they say, better later than never.

Be prepared to get completely hooked and love it more than your laptop (HP, curse!!)

I've had an iPad from day dot but honestly the cases, albeit beautiful, are just not practical for me. I throw mine about, carry it around, watch the news while I'm washing up etc.

Enjoy. Btw, it's brilliant for kids and your daughter will love it to.

Anonymous said...

so hard to choose just like with my iPhone cover. I want one for every outfit! Teri

annie said...

I very much like that herringbone case and the one with the camera on it. I have an iPad but it's gathering dust, I've just never got on with it. I ended up buying a MacBook Air which I totally love. I can't find a 11" case for that though so it's looking a bit bashed already.


Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

Welcome to iPadVille. ;) OH, I love all the ones you picked. When I saw the first one you selected, I thought: Oh, she has to get that one. Love the geometric pattern. Then, I kept scrolling and fell in love with them all. We just have a very plain black one. Nothing fancy, but the case will protect the iPad should it ever fall out of our hands. (The horror!) My husband uses it the most, for work. He can do his presentations and have clients sign documents on it! Pretty cool.

California Chic said...

@tina - glad to hear someone who is a believer! I just need to spend some time with it I guess. I'm still waiting for it to do something magical:) I've heard its great for kids too - planning on using it for a roadtrip soon.

@Teri - I was thinking the same thing!

@Annie - I think that's what my husband was worried about. I'm determined to get some use out of it, but it's going to take effort. Did you try etsy for a MacBook case?

@Theresa - I bought the plain black one at the Mac store because I felt like I needed to protect it right away. $75 dollars later, I'm thinking I might need to wait a bit. I see people using it for all kinds of creative and fun things..another thing to add to my to-do list:)

Apple Accessories said...

super cute! I love these darling cases!

saju said...

Hi, Super cases MacBook leather case

savagesupply said...

I really love the ipad cover the most.. It look cool! You did a great job explaining how you created this ipad cover case and managed to make me chuckle out loud several times throughout. Wow!

savagesupply said...
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