Monday, January 23, 2012

Nurture Yourself - Black and White For Winter Days

Black and white perfection. 
This weekend I was engrossed in one of my favorite fashion blogs, Jak and Jil, and as I was scanning Mr. Ton's recent images, I noticed that many of the fashionable women he had recently photographed were looking chic this winter in black and white. So simple. So clean. So crisp. So timeless. Why had I forgotten about this glorious combination?

Photography by Tommy Ton. Courtesy of

Photography by Tommy Ton. Courtesy of

Photography by Tommy Ton. Courtesy of

Photography by Tommy Ton. Courtesy of

Photography by Tommy Ton. Courtesy of

Photography by Tommy Ton. Courtesy of

Photography by Tommy Ton. Courtesy of

Dress, Chanel. Resort 2012. Courtesy of

Polka-dot chic.
I honestly can't think of the last time I wore black pants or a black skirt with a white shirt. A little ridiculous, considering I wear business or business casual to work every day. Not sure why my white tailored shirts have been sitting collecting dust, but they are officially back in the rotation. And while I'm excited about all the colorful florals and brights that are already in stores for spring (more on that soon!), right now I'm still feelin a wintery wardrobe of black and white.  So the next time you are stumped about what to wear in the morning, try this no-brainer route to stylish simplicity and consider a few of these pieces to complete your look.

Alexander McQueen skull bracelet, $215, 
This bracelet will go with just about every outfit you can dream up, makes a small but impactful statement and I'll never get tired of McQueen's skulls! 

Rachel Zoe Canvas Zoe Tote, $475, 
Rachel Zoe's new line of handbags cut a clean line and are beautifully designed. This black and white tote is reminiscent of the Birkin, but with it's own personality and some polished and modern details. 

Striped Crewneck Sweater, $28, 

A basic that is versatile enough to go with just about any skirt, pant or short in your closet. This is a go-to, budget friendly piece to add to your winter wardrobe.

Oasis Block Coat, $128, 

I've always been a big fan of color-blocking and this coat has the perfect proportion of black to white. The collarless neckline makes it feminine and fashion-forward. 

Many Strands Belt, $58, 

Take black and white casual with this belt from Anthropologie. It would be perfect to cinch a thin-weave sweater or to add some style to a long maxi dress.

Striped Satin Pant, $49, H & M Stores. 

Don't be afraid of a printed pant! The vertical stripes make your legs look longer and leaner than they already are and paired with a simple top and bright shoe, these pants would rock!

Belle by Sigerson Morrison Pony Flats, $175,

The texture of the pony hair and the randomness of the white spots make these flats unique - almost like a subdued piece of artwork for your feet. 

Bleeker Blazer, $79, 

Not sure I'll ever have enough blazers in my closet, and if you don't have a striped one, this is a great option. Switching out the dark button for a gold one would add a little oomph to it. 

Polka-dot popover, $88, 

A casual shirt that would look great with spring's bright colored pants.

Stella McCartney Two Piece Pump, $309 (sale!), 

You can't go wrong with black and white two-toned shoes and these Stella McCartney pumps would look just as great with dark jeans as they would with a suit.

Karl Lagerfeld. Courtesy of
Lastly, I can't end a black and white story without a nod to the king of this always on-trend trend, Karl Lagerfeld.  The visionary Chanel designer adheres strictly to his wardrobe of a white shirt, black pants and a black jacket.  Hey, if it works for Karl........Have a great Monday! 


Tori said...

It does seem like black and white gets overlooked at times but it's also funny that somehow we always come back to it!

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

I love this color combination. The combination is so chic and polished looking. I also love all the examples you rounded up. You're right, when in a fashion slump, this combo is an effortless remedy.

California Chic said...

@Tori - I love color so it isn't the first thing I think of but you can't go wrong.

@Theresa - the lovely ladies in Tommy Ton's photos sure do make it look good :)

Unknown said...

It's a classic. Everyone looks great in black and white. Nice post.

California Chic said...

@Jeran I always go for my black pants, especially on days when I'm not feeling my thinest :) Thank you for stopping by!

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