Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Chicest Of Ceilings

The new year has me thinking about fresh ideas, new design projects, and ways to reinvigorate both my own home and several others that I'm starting work on. Enter the world of ceilings: almost always overlooked (I'm sad to say every room in my house currently has the safest of safe Swiss Coffee on the ceiling), a painted ceiling is an instant showstopper. Just check out the gorgeous blue and white room above. Can you imagine living in that loveliness everyday? Neither can I.  Solids or stripes, subtle or bold, stenciled or wallpapered, ceilings are so 2013. Here are 10 of my favorites to inspire you to get creative and hopefully, get painting!

Via Shelterness.

Via Houzz.

Via My Lovely Things

Via Maison Boheme.

Via Annsley Interiors.

Image via Simply Grove

Image via AWNL

Wiltern Theater, Image via Cinema Treasures

Image via Nursery Notations

Image via Elle Decor

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Erin said...

I shamefully have to admit that I never even considered going crazy with my ceilings! It never even occurred to me. When we were doing construction on our guest room, Boyfriend's dad asked if we wanted to paint the ceiling a new coat of white while we were painting the rest of the space. We both looked at him like he was crazy. Why paint a ceiling?? Well, THAT is why you paint a ceiling! Look at all that awesome-ness! The orange striped one is my favorite, it's making me think of a circus tent. xoxo

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