Monday, April 23, 2012

Home of L'Wren Scott

Designer L'Wren Scott at her Left Bank apartment. Photography by Francois Halard. All photos courtesy of Vogue.

I've long admired designer L'Wren Scott for many different reasons - her impeccable taste, her classically chic personal style (with a small dose of rock n'roll), her flowing & shiny black tresses and of course her dresses. Did I mention her dresses? Classic silhouettes with architectural details and a touch of sexiness - her clothing radiates femininity and class. So I couldn't have been happier when I delved into this month's U.S. Vogue and discovered a feature on her home in France.

A former model (she's a lithe 6'3"), this celebrity stylist /creative director/costume designer (she did the costume design for Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut among other films) turned designer owns several homes including a Paris apartment on the left bank, which she shares with her longtime boyfriend, Mick Jagger. As someone with flawless taste and wild creativity, she eschewed the idea of using a decorator and did everything herself. The result: a glamorous and chic apartment with the right dose of color and eclectic accouterments that is the perfect reflection of Scott and her classic with a twist aesthetic. There are so many things to love about this pied-a-terre, but I'll let you judge for yourself. Enjoy!  

I love the scale and combination of the vintage light with the pink velvet bench and small Warhol painting. 

My favorite part of her living room is probably the daybed. I've always dreamed about having one in my bedroom to relax and read on. 

Scott's collection of antique mirrors is perfectly placed with a child's painting and collection of candlesticks. 

The molding in this room and throughout the apartment adds so much to the overall aesthetic and gives it a sense of history and old world flair.  

The piece above the desk is a Warhol portrait of Mick Jagger. 
This hallway lined with gold & gilded mirrors is stunning. And the chevron pattern on the floors - wow! 

A great example of how a vintage Suzani coverlet can look casual, but chic at the same time. 

I love seeing the collections of objects different people have in their homes. Not sure exactly what these are (anyone know?), but I love the way they look grouped together. 

The fact this room has what looks to be a Damien Hirst piece only feet away from an antique sculpture is brilliant. Mixing new with old, contemporary with vintage or antique is always the way I love to see homes decorated. 


Erin said...

While I'm jealous of many, many things about this feature (those chevron floors, that Damien Hirst print, that mirror collection!) what I would most kill for are her LEGS. Oh my goodness, those stems! They're like a mile long. I also love her name. L'Wren. It just sounds chic. Her home is a definite reflection of her, thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

super gorgeous! oh to have all that money to decorate perfectly! Teri

tina said...

I've also always had a thing about her and the fact she is hooked up with Mick Jagger. Think of them like 'Avatar' The beauty and the beast...

Her apartment is indeed tres chic! Her taste is impeccable and yet elegant and quirky at the same time.

I can't bear Damien Hirst as an artist. To me he is a great business man and self-promoter and I will only go to his massive exhibition here in London to see why the Tate Modern has given him a 6mnts exhibition. That's longer than David Hockney got, who is a REAL ARTIST!

Sorry for the short rant:)

I'm with Erin. Those legs. I think they are as long as Mick's whole body:)

Sam Lennie said...

Chic lady, chic home, chic name. The whole place screams glamour and taste. The bathroom is beautiful, although I wouldn't want the job of cleaning those mirrors (and I love mirrors). The hallway is my personal favourite with the pink hue, gold accessories and black parquet flooring - so beautiful.

Thanks for sharing this x

annie said...

Yeah I've heard the DH exhib is rubbish. Not sure I'll bother.

How beautiful is her home? Bit pastel for me but I love all her furniture! And one day I'll have a huge painting of my boyfriend above my desk. Not!

I wish I had enough fancy handbags to just leave them artfully dotted around :)

LOVE this house. Off to pin it all.....x

Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

Wow, this home is beautiful! I love a home with lots of molding, and the chevron wood floors are amazing.
I didn't know L'Wren was 6'3"! That's how tall my dad is. Could you even imagine standing next to her?! I suppose it's good that's she is with someone like Mick Jagger, who is larger than life.

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