Monday, January 16, 2012

Nurture Yourself - Read Matchbook Magazine

With each passing month, the world of online magazines continues to grow and I'm determined to share all of my favorites with you. In November I profiled Sweet Paul, in December I talked about Rue, and this month I'd like to introduce you to Matchbook (for those of you who are already reading- it rocks right?). Matchbook describes itself as "A Field Guide To A Charmed Life," and I can't help but agree it is exactly that - a lifestyle magazine committed to giving you a little bit of everything (fashion, interior design, music, books and a personal interest story or two) each month - kind of what I've been striving for with this blog!  Past issues have had people like Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, Shoshanna Lonstein, Chis Benz and Lela Rose grace their covers and you can view all their back issues in the archive section of their website (I highly recommend it!).  Their January issue was released last week and it was a delight to read - here are some highlights:

Photography by Jessica Claire. Courtesy of Matchbook Magazine. 

This story entitled Winter Wonderland is beautifully styled and the photography rivals any found at your local newsstand. I guarantee you will love all the entertaining tips from experts in the floral, party-planning, cooking, baking and design worlds.  A perfect way to jump start your planning for winter-time soirees.

Photography by Jessica Claire. Courtesy of Matchbook Magazine.
I'm DYING over the silver and white pillows and matching runner on the dining table. Does anyone recognize these fabrics?

Photography by Heather Schneider. Courtesy of Matchbook Magazine. 

I had never heard of Ashley Longshore until I read this wonderful article last week and after clicking through her website, she can count me as a fan! You'll love reading about why she is up and painting by 6:00 a.m. and what it was like to give Salma Hayek painting lessons.

Photography by Heather Schneider. Courtesy of Matchbook Magazine. 

Ashley's story behind her famous "Time Out" chair is food for thought. It's hard to believe she is self-taught!

Photography by Rima Campbell. Courtesy of Matchbook Magazine.

As a longtime fan of Loeffler Randall, the feature on it's founder Jessie Randall was a great read. I especially liked hearing the fact that she's got 3 kids under 4, wakes up with her youngest at 5:00 a.m. everyday, and is still able to run this phenomenally successful company. So us gals CAN do it all, right?

Photography by Rima Campbell. Courtesy of Matchbook Magazine.

This pair is on my to-buy list - the Blaise Flat Moccasin.  Check out the entire new Loeffler Randall resort collection here.


Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

Love Matchbook. Though I haven't read the latest issue, so thank you for the reminder. Ok, I'm off to go read, but before I do I just have to say, Loeffler Randall's latest collection is crazy good. Wowzers!

California Chic said...

I know! I love so much of what they do, but I feel like its gotten more and more expensive over the years. Closing in on some of the luxury brands, but it's almost justifiable on sale :)

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