Monday, December 12, 2011

Nurture Yourself - Rue Magazine

About a year ago, I discovered the amazing and quickly developing world of online magazines.  In November, I talked about Sweet Paul, and I'll continue to share with you all of my favorites (I'm up to about 15 at the moment, but more and more are being published every month)! Online magazines are free, have gorgeous photography, don't take up any space on your coffee or bedside table, and allow you to click on just about anything that catches your eye and be transported to the place you can buy it.  You can also always access back issues whenever your heart desires.  I'll always look forward to my fall fashion issues of Vogue and W in the mailbox, but these online zines are a close second. I started reading Rue at the beginning of the year and I never miss an issue.  Their holiday edition was released last week and is a wonderful pre-Christmas read. Here are a few highlights:

A great story on Sibella Court, one of my all time favorite stylists and author of a book I constantly refer to for decorating ideas - Etcetera.  She's just published a new book called Nomad and in this month's issue she discusses the inspiration for her work and what she's up to next.

A great fashion spread, shot partly at the Jonathan Adler store, with glamours clothes and set design to inspire you to raid your mother's closet or local thrift store.

Several unique and eclectic interiors, including the home of Bri Emery (pictured above), Rue Art Director and author of the awesome blog DesignLoveFest, and a great co-op redesigned by Robert and Cortney Novogratz (stars of HGTV's Home by Novogratz).  There are also tons of fantastic gift guides with affordable ideas, including one by interior designer Mary McDonald, the woman who will design my dream home someday.


Theresa / InspirationCOOP said...

Wasn't the Rue holiday issue great? Oh, and Bri's home did not disappoint.
Say, I've really been enjoying your gift guides! I've already added a handful of things to my shopping list: Birken canvas tote, Curiosity Shoppe earrings, Rockabye Baby cd's, Just Being Audrey name a few. Wonderful job. Thanks for sharing!
PS~I have the Steve Jobs' biography on the Kindle. Need to start reading.

California Chic said...

So glad you found some things you liked! I haven't read the Jobs bio yet, but friends really enjoyed it.

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