Monday, November 7, 2011

Nurture Yourself: TIGHTS, TIGHTS, TIGHTS!

During my trip to Paris, I spent a lot of time sitting at sidewalk cafes, drinking wine, and people watching. Specifically, I was watching all the wonderfully stylish women of Paris walk by wearing chic after chic ensembles - truly inspiring!  This is the first of several Nurture Yourself posts I'll be doing relating to the many things French women know about style.

One of the things I saw a lot of in Paris was tights. Solid, striped, patterned, color-blocked - they were all different and all fabulous. I was reminded of how a simple pair can transform any dress or pair of shorts - an easy way to add a ton of new looks to your wardrobe.  Here are a few of my favorites. You may have to start slow and conservatively, maybe a black dress with a solid pair, but I have a feeling you'll be ready to push the envelope before winter is over!

Start here - American Apparel.  Their Opaque Pantyhose is an absolute favorite of mine.  It comes in 37 beautiful colors, from subdued gray to show-stopping neon red.  This is a great place to start if you haven't worn tights since Jr. High.

When I'm not in a mood for a lot of color, I turn to patterns - almost always black on black.  These polka-dot tights are by Wolford and are available at Nordstrom.

I love the geometric pattern on these! They would be amazing with a red dress, but would also sass up a black one! They are by Kate Spade and are available at Bloomingdales.

These have a very subtle diamond pattern which makes them really versatile! They are by Falke and are available at Asos, which has an amazing selection of tights!

This is a great pair to add some color without the pattern being too busy or overwhelming. They are available at Urban Outfitters, another great resource for tights. And finally, I will leave you with a great photo of Mary Kate Olsen which makes clear that a single pair of tights can take a simple outfit and turn it into something extraordinary!

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